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The Core Shack provides a showcase for participants of projects that are generating meaningful new results or have not participated in AMA's core shack before, to show off their core and discuss results with interested attendees. In addition, reactivated mines, extensions, or satellite to existing operations are encouraged participants, particularly where new results are generating interest in future development potential of the project. Hand samples, maps, charts, and other technical information are also welcome.

Exhibitor: Kinross Gold Corporation             
Project: Ft Knox Mine / Gil Mine / Mahn Cho

Exhibitor: Tectonic Metals Inc
Project: Flat Gold Project
Exhibitor: Coeur Alaska
Project: Kensington Mine
Exhibitor: Constantine Mining LLC
Project: Palmer VMS Project
Exhibitor: Donlin Gold LLC
Project: Donlin Gold Project
Exhibitor: Northern Star Resources
Project: Pogo Mine
Exhibitor: Graphite One Inc.
Project: Graphite Creek Project


The Prospectors Tent will feature independent prospectors or early-exploration projects displaying their mineral prospects and discoveries. Providing a venue for prospectors to share their discoveries is an important opportunity that may lead to new discoveries, prospects, and partnerships in Alaska, as several notable discovery stories in Canada attest to. This will be a space to feature displays, maps, or photographs, rock samples, and drill core, and give conference attendees a chance to see early-stage properties with potential throughout Alaska.


Exhibitor: D. A. Hedderly-Smith & Associates
Project: Oreo Mountain
Exhibitor: Nick Begich Sr.
Project: Elliot Creek
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