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THE ALASKA MINER MAGAZINE: Our magazine is published quarterly and delivered to both the members of the Alaska Miners Association and to key decision makers and leaders in Alaska and beyond.

Our goal is to educate, advocate, and lead our industry as one of the strongest, oldest and most productive corporate citizens in Alaska. AMA’s mission is to promote responsible mineral development in Alaska.

We provide key communication between our members, the industry and policy makers in and out of Alaska. Each issue includes news, and information important to our industry and our constituents.

The Alaska Miner Monthly Journal.png

THE ALASKA MINER JOURNAL:  The publication is member-only news mailed to AMA members, eight times a year, in months when the Magazine is not published.

The Alaska Miner Journal is dedicated to those who work in and support the mining industry in Alaska, its commitment to the people, and the resources of our state.  

Our goal is to disseminate information on responsible mineral development, educating the public about the value of mining, providing information for our membership and the general public, providing policymakers the information they need to understand the mining industry and monitor political and regulatory processes affecting mining in Alaska.

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