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  • Encourage and support responsible mineral production in Alaska

  • Provide services to the membership, and assist in mining activities

  • Monitor the political processes to help keep lands available for mineral exploration and development

  • Ensure that the restrictions on land and water use are economically realistic and provide a balance between environmental protection and resource utilization

  • Increase public awareness of the mineral industry and its economic implications to the state and nation


AMA works to promote the mining industry in Alaska. We advocate for the development and use of Alaska’s mineral resources to provide an economic base for the state. We monitor the activities of the State and Federal Government, Congress, and the Legislature that affect mineral development, including:

  • Regulations & policies developed by State & Federal Agencies

  • Land use plans

  • Permitting processes

  • Proposed legislation

  • Taxes, fees, or other costs levied against the industry

  • Inventory, mapping, and data collection

  • Research

  • Education Programs


  • State Oversight

  • Federal Oversight

  • Publications

  • Convention

  • Fisheries

  • Human Relations and Workforce Development

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