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Alaska Mining Day 

Background on Alaska Mining Day: 

Established in 2013, Alaska Mining Day was created through legislation sponsored by Senator Cathy Giessel "to recognize and honor the intrepid individuals and industry that played an enormous role in settling and developing the territory and the state and that continue to contribute to the economy of the state."

On May 10, 1872, the General Mining Act of the United States was approved, which governs mineral development on federal lands.  This law has been amended more than 50 times but the essential principles remain in place: if a citizen explores federal public land not otherwise designated as a park, refuge, etc., and with their own energy, intellect, finances, and hard work and finds a valuable mineral deposit, that citizen, after obtaining the required environmental and operating permits, has the right to develop that mineral deposit.  

Today, mining is a top economic driver for our state.  Alaska's six large mines, hundreds of placer mines, dozens of exploration projects, industrial mining, and the contractors provide goods and services for 11,400 jobs with an average annual wage of $130,000; twice the state average.  These jobs employ residents in more than 90 communities throughout Alaska, over half of which are in rural areas with few other job opportunities.  In 2019, our mines contributed nearly $170 million in local and state government revenues, and over $1 billion to 450 Alaska businesses.  To date, mining has contributed $1.7 billion to Alaska Native Corporations throughout the state.

Celebrations Throughout the Years!


AMA celebrates Alaska Mining Day: 3 Branches in 3 Days!


May 10: Kenai Branch

Kenai Mining Day Luncheon hosted by The Alaska Support Industry Alliance with presentation by Deantha Skibinski, Alaska Miners Association and Karen Matthias, Council of Alaska Producers  followed by a Community Reception hosted by Industrial Pumps of Alaska: Beer, food, celebration and a Proclamation by Governor Mike Dunleavy presented by Kenai Peninsula office Director Jill Schaefer 

May 11: Juneau Branch 

The AMA Juneau Branch hosted an informal meeting and happy hour from 5:30-7:30 pm at T.K. Maguire’s in the Ramada Hotel (formerly the Prospector). This upbeat and positive event was enjoyed by all.

May 12: Fairbanks Branch

The Fairbanks Branch hosted a Spring Cookout!  BBQ, drinks, sunny skies and over 60 AMA members showed up from 4:00-6:00 pm at Felix Gold to celebrate the industry.


      Kenai Branch                                              Juneau Branch                                                 Fairbanks Branch


Fairbanks Branch

2022 Alaska Mining Day was held at the Wedgewood Resort in Fairbanks, Alaska and included a day of presentations outlining relevant and timely issues relating to mining in Alaska, followed by a party to celebrate mining achievements!  We partnered with the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce and featured Alaska Mining Day at their General Membership Luncheon.

Alaska Mining Day 2022 Agenda.png
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