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MINING IN ALASKA  | Alaska is a state steeped in a tradition of exploration, mining, and production. 


In fact, the reason the state capitol is located in Juneau is due to the discovery and development of the AJ and Treadwell gold deposits. Other important areas around Alaska grew out of projects including Kennicott, Greens Creek, the Fortymile District and Fort Knox. The pioneers knew they were just barely scratching the surface on what gold and other precious minerals would mean to Alaska’s future.  


From Nome to the Ketchikan, mining opportunities in Alaska are as vast as the Last Frontier itself. Through direct and indirect jobs, state and local tax revenues, and royalties transferred to Native corporations, the mining of gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, and coal mining plays a vital role in sustaining Alaska’s economy.  Roads, docks, bridges, buildings, renewable energy sources like the hydroelectric plants in Southeast— much of Alaska’s vital infrastructure— was built on mining.


Mining today plays an active role in Alaska’s growth and economic well being. Through the responsible development of Alaska’s vast mineral resources, AMA keeps our mining tradition moving forward.

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