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The Core Shack exhibit, a beacon of 'Miners for Generations,' stands as an inclusive, central hub for the entire mining life cycle. It magnetizes early and advanced explorers, thriving projects nearing operational success, established industry leaders, and those steadfastly committed to resource and stakeholder development.

Within this exhibit, participants proudly unveil core samples, expert insights, and commendable achievements, nurturing lively discussions and driving forward the trajectory of Alaska's mining landscape. Most exhilarating are the projects poised to make an enduring mark on our state's discovery-to-mine journey through recent innovations. These projects epitomize the beating heart of Alaska's mining industry, ceaselessly pushing the boundaries of what's achievable.

Coeur Alaska - Kensington Mine 
Graphite One Inc. - Graphite Creek Project 
Kinross Gold Corp - Ft. Knox / Gil-Sourdough / Mahn Choh mines
Northern Star Resources Limited - Pogo Mine 
Nova Minerals - Estelle Project
Tectonic Metals Inc - Flat Gold Project 
Valhalla Metals - The Sun Project
Western Alaska Minerals - Waterpump Creek & Last Hurrah 


The Prospector's Tent is set to become an engaging platform where independent prospectors and early-exploration projects can showcase their mineral prospects and exciting discoveries. This unique opportunity not only facilitates the sharing of findings but also underscores the significance of sparking fresh discoveries and forging valuable partnerships within the vast terrain of Alaska. It's a dedicated space for captivating displays, informative maps, intriguing photographs, and fascinating rock samples, offering conference attendees a valuable chance to delve into the potential of early-stage properties and the collaborative opportunities they hold in Alaska's mineral-rich landscape.


D.A. Heddely-Smith & Associates - Oreo Mountain Cu-Mo-Ag-Au Porphyry Prospect
Nick Begich Sr. - Elliot Creek Prospect
Calista - Nyac Mineral Estate
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