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Candidates AMAPAC Supports 

AMAPAC supports candidates for Governor and the Alaska Legislature that support Alaska’s miners.  In 2022, AMAPAC supported the following candidates: 

Mike Dunleavy


Tuckerman Babcock

Click Bishop  

Ashley Carrick  

Mia Costello

Julie Coulombe  

Mike Cronk

Forrest Dunbar  

Zack Fields

Neal Foster  

Cathy Giessel

Kathy Henslee

Lyman Hoffman  

Craig Johnson

James Kaufman

Jesse Kiehl  

Bart LeBon  

Kevin McCabe

Tom McKay

Kelly Merrick  

George Rauscher

Justin Ruffridge  

Dan Saddler  

Laddie Shaw

Will Stapp  

Bert Stedman  

Jesse Sumner

Frank Tomaszewski  

Sarah Vance 

David Wilson

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