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The “Prospectors’ Tent” was introduced at AMA's Annual Fall Convention in 2018 as an exciting addition to our traditional exhibits. This year the Prospectors' Tent will feature independent prospectors or early-exploration projects.


You won’t want to miss out on the mineral prospects and discoveries as our participants take you through an engaging digital display. AMA hopes to continue growing this portion of the annual convention. Your participation and support make it possible to include the Prospectors' Tent as another highlighted attraction.


Conference attendees can see early-stage properties with potential while further promoting interest and investment in exploration across Alaska. Providing a venue for prospectors to share their discoveries is an important opportunity that may lead to new discoveries, prospects, and partnerships in Alaska, as several notable discovery stories in Canada attest to. The “Prospectors’ Tent” will be available for viewing throughout the entire conference – so please remember to check back as more additions will be added daily!

If you have questions about this year's PROSPECTORS' TENT please provide contact names, affiliation, contact information to Varina Zinno ( and Jerad Anderson (


Industry professionals interested in displaying core and results from mineral exploration and development projects are invited to present at the Core Shack. 

The Core Shack provides a showcase for participants of projects that are generating meaningful new results or have not participated in AMA's core shack before, to show off their core, and discuss results with interested attendees. In addition, reactivated mines, extensions, or satellite to existing operations are encouraged participants, particularly where new results are generating interest in future development potential of the project. Hand samples, maps, charts, and other technical information are also welcome.


Please support your Alaska Miners Association by participating in and visiting the Virtual Core Shack and Prospectors’ Tent.

If you are interested in presenting at the CORE SHACK  please provide contact names, affiliation, contact information, and the name of the project to
Varina Zinno ( and Jerad Anderson ( )early submittals are encouraged and will facilitate planning.

*** Please continue to check back for more details as they will be continually updated as information becomes available ***  

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