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The Durability Project

Moving Forward with AMA’s Mission 


Thank you for your patience as we work to elegantly cancel our most anticipated event of the year. As we previously reported to you, the worsening conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to cancel the 2021 Annual Convention and Trade Show.


First, we want to say that we were completely overwhelmed by your responses to the cancellation.  It wasn’t an easy decision – more like gut-wrenching – and we feel like we made it alongside all 1300 of our members.  Your compassionate, understanding, and complimentary comments helped to affirm that we made the right decision for our industry, members, and communities. 


After we cancelled last year’s Convention, we were humbled to the point of tearing up a few times when you all reached out to us asking how you could help.  We then thought we were in a one-time situation and deployed our Sustaining Sponsors campaign, with a goal in mind along the lines of “getting through to next year.”  Contributions closed the budget gap and allowed AMA to continue working on our mission and planning 2021 events with normalcy in mind.  Once again, we find ourselves reaching out to you, hat in hand, asking for you to consider a 2021 donation to AMA to keep our efforts going.  


Let us introduce you to the Durability Project.


Durability: du·ra·bil·i·ty


the ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage that is a relative term indicating the degree of permanency.


What could better describe an Alaska miner?  This new fundraising effort is our attempt to fully fund our advocacy and outreach efforts while providing value to the membership. It’s important to us that every donor be recognized in some way for continuing to support the organization during the second year of cancelled events.  While we know the value you most seek from AMA is our work on your behalf, this year we want to do more to recognize the companies and individuals that have stepped up to support us in continuing the mission.


If nothing else, COVID has spurred us to become more creative, and this project is proof of that. 


In addition to the value of keeping AMA’s lights on and advocacy efforts strong, each level of the Durability Project offers various levels of recognition:




Hard Hat Hero ($10,000 and above)

Premier placement in all recognition materials on AMA website, social media, and publications

Special Facebook recognition and profile on your company/operation/project

5-minute spotlight at an AMA Statewide Zoom meeting to highlight your organization and support of AMA

Organization-specific writeup in Alaska Miner Journal 


Core Supporter ($5,000 and above)

Enhanced placement in all recognition materials on AMA website, social media, and publications 

Stand-out Facebook recognition of all Core Supporters 

Organization-specific writeup in Alaska Miner Journal 


Blast Buddy (Any amount under $5,000)

Placement in all recognition materials on AMA website, social media, and publications 


Contributions have already come to AMA in the form of those of you that responded to the event cancellation with a message of, “please keep my sponsorship as a donation to AMA.”  We would be so grateful if your company can consider converting your sponsorship to a general contribution, or, if you had not yet signed up as a sponsor, consider providing a contribution now.  The attached form provides instructions on how to do so; please do not hesitate to reach out if we can assist.


The last 19 months have sent us all through an obstacle course.  Along with the pandemic, we saw a change in Federal Administration and new punitive policies that have had many of you saying “We need AMA now more than ever!”  We hear your call to action.  Our board, committees, staff, and members have all worked so tirelessly in the past year to ensure we remain represented.  We ask that you please take a moment to browse the past year’s efforts by clicking here:


Thank you in advance for your help in keeping AMA strong and, well, durable as we head into another challenging year. AMA is better for your support. 


Moving forward into 2022, our events future is uncertain.  We take seriously the desire of our members to gather, learn, and advocate together. The reality is that any kind of long-range planning is extremely problematic, if not impossible, right now. Despite that, our work is more important than ever, and must soldier on without interruption.